Concert Review: Mitch James – Tauranga


Mitch James ‘Bright Blue Skies Tour’ hit Totara Street, Tauranga on Saturday night and although it didn’t top the Auckland show, it was still a good show. The crowd was so packed in that it was essentially overflowing.

Mako Road performed a good opening set that the crowd seemed to enjoy, with some even singing along. I think the only disappointing element to Mako Road’s opening slot was the lighting. You couldn’t see them a lot of the time, though I’m assuming that is due to the way the lights are set up for Mitch.

If you check out my review of the Auckland show, Tauranga was essentially the same. But this crowd just didn’t seem to be into it as much and I think the venue definitely needs to make some changes. There were also a few technical difficulties throughout the set but Mitch still played an incredible performance and him and his band still seemed to have a good time.

Most of you may have seen Mitch post about an incident at the show as well as other people’s experiences. I didn’t witness this incident. However, I can say that I am not surprised something happened as this crowd was another level. The venue definitely needs to make some changes. LOOK AFTER EACH OTHER! ENJOY THE MUSIC!

Catch Mitch James as he continues his tour! Show your support and send him some love.


Reviewed and Photographed by Shelley Te Haara


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