Concert Review: Broods Live In Auckland


After waiting for about a month since it was postponed, the night finally came for Auckland to be treated to a live show from Broods! The ‘Don’t Feed The Pop Monster’ tour finally hit Auckland Town Hall tonight and I don’t think anyone really knew what to expect.

As I arrived at the Town Hall, only about a third of the crowd had arrived but they continued to flow in as the opening band took the stage. Now I just recently saw Balu Brigada open for Dean Lewis a couple of weeks ago and now here they are opening for Broods too! Even though they seem to have been around for a little while now I feel like these guys have just suddenly come flying in out of nowhere but in a great way. You would think the 4-piece have been around performing for quite some time as they just seemed so comfortable on stage. Though they were essentially stuck where they stand due to stage set-up they still managed to give off fun energy.

But one thing I really have to touch on is the crowd. Now New Zealand I have to say unless it’s a big opening act, y’ all seem to just want to chat and have the opening act as background music. That is so rude. These acts are trying to get you ready for a good night with your faves and you guys talk over them. They still give their all. But just have some respect guys. Go outside and chat. It is NZ Music Month so SUPPORT NZ MUSIC. Rant over.

Anyway! As mentioned above they still gave an awesome performance and there were definitely people enjoying them, especially the group of dancing girls at the back. I see you, girls! Though in saying that, their performance was not without fault. A couple of sound/technical issues held the set up a bit but they recovered with a quick fix and light banter. The lighting also wasn’t the best, however, I came to realise it was going to be a theme throughout the night. Recently Balu Brigada released a new track and video for their single ‘Slow Dive’ Ft. Paige. Last night they bought her out to perform the track live with them which the crowd really loved. Paige isn’t new to the NZ music scene but I feel as though she is someone who just seems to pop up at the right moments. She opened for George Ezra in February at Spark Arena. Paige knows what she’s doing that’s for sure.


Check out their setlist below to see all the tracks they performed and definitely go check them out on Spotify etc. I just noticed a couple more tracks have been added to their Spotify. They also have a show next week at Galatos as part of their ‘Almost Feel Good Mixtape’ release tour with Paige and Daffodils opening. Go check them out!


At this point around half to three-quarters of the crowd had packed into the Town Hall. The lights began to get quite dim which lead the crowd to believe the show was about to start, however, this was not the case. But eventually, the room did go dark and strong lights strobed across the room before the room lit up in washes of colour as Broods dove into ‘Sucker’. Georgia was clearly feeling it and was dancing along. Though her movements I would say weren’t the “usual” but accompanied the music well and she was clearly having a great time. The fourth track on the setlist (seen below) was ‘Superstar’, though they performed this quite differently. It was almost a grungy pop rendition with heavy bass and dark lighting. I quite liked it, apart from the bass.

The bass throughout their set was very horrible. It seemed to be so high that some of the instrumental and vocals were drowned out. I tried putting earplugs in (which I usually do) and it made it worse where I could only hear the bass and no vocals. I’m curious if this problem was only obvious to me being in seats or if people on the floor experienced this as well. Also, the lighting wasn’t the best. I understand I am a photographer as well and yes I notice lighting a lot, however it also a case of I came to see the artist and I want to SEE them. They were backlit a lot, about 80% of the night and though most of the colouring suited the music and the vibe they seemed to be going for, it really just drowned them out even more. The backing lights went directly in my eyes multiple times which actually hurt my eyes as I was already straining to see them.


Georgia and Caleb Nott (Broods) were joined by a 2-piece band. I felt like the different instruments really gave another level but would have been more incredible if not drowned out by the bass. Though I was much delighted to notice the bass came down about halfway to three-quarters of the way through the show.


There are a few tracks they performed that really stood out to me: ‘Free’ and ‘Too Proud’ (which they’ve now released an acoustic rendition of). Georgia really got into performing ‘Free’ and she just seemed to be very passionate about it. It almost felt like an anthem and I felt like it was a strong performance. ‘Too Proud’ was a great showcase of Caleb’s vocals and it was amazing to hear him live for the first time. Though it was a bit drowned out by the bass, Caleb did an amazing job and I really think he needs to do more vocals.


It may seem like I didn’t enjoy the show from what I’ve written above, I did. Though the crowd definitely got into it A LOT more. I think they just fed off Georgia’s energy because she was constantly moving and had intense moves, especially during the tambourine use during ‘Old Dog’ which almost looked like a mix of passion and rage. Georgia seemed to disappear behind the backdrop only to appear above it with a semi-sun backdrop behind her. It was somewhat random but also ethereal as well as she performed ‘Life After’.


Then as expected, the set came to an end with ‘Peach’. The crowd participated in somewhat of a dance-along and just really sung their lungs out. Broods even thanked their band, crew and Balu Brigada during the song. Little did they know there was an encore of ‘Couldn’t Believe’. I felt as though they should have just ended with ‘Peach’ as some of the crowd left after and also it just seems stronger out of the two. But the show came to an end and everyone slowly made their way out.

It was definitely a good show but I think that it could have been a lot better. Though I suppose it’s hard because you don’t really know what an artist is necessarily going for and they’re not there to impress me. But who knows how this show and the setlist might develop if anything. There’s no doubting though, Broods are back.



Part Time
Night Shift
Slow Dive Ft. Paige
Danger Zone
Skype Call
Old Love
Could You


To Belong
Eyes a Mess/ETYGIC
Why Do You Believe Me
Hold The Line / Are You Home
Too Proud
Falling Apart
Hospitalized / Old Dog
Everything Goes Wow
Life After
Couldn’t Believe (encore)


Reviewed and Photographed by Shelley Te Haara


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