Rū Ana Te Whenua: Alien Weaponry Shake Europe


When Alien Weaponry found out they’d be playing the world’s biggest metal music festival, the three teenagers ‘lost their shit’.

Flash forward nine months and brothers Henry and Lewis de Jong with friend Ethan Trembath are onstage at Germany’s Wacken Open Air festival, with thousands of metal fans shouting back their Māori lyrics and screaming for more.

The band traveled with their parents Niel and Jette de Jong. Niel looked after front of house sound throughout the tour and Jette was tour manager, taking care of “everything else that no-one wanted to do”, including running the merch desk at all the band’s gigs.

RNZ Music is set to release a new 10-part web series that follows Northland thrash metal band Alien Weaponry on their 2018 European tour.

The documentary was shot by DOP and director Kent Belcher who was embedded with the band for six weeks from June to August 2018.

Kent went everywhere with the band, sleeping in the tour van, sharing campsite meals, and joining in with regular ‘Tūtira Mai Ngā Iwi’ sing-alongs. He “basically became part of the Alien Weaponry whānau”.

RNZ Music is really excited about the release of this feel-good, Kiwi success story and can’t wait to share it with the world.

Rū Ana Te Whenua: Alien Weaponry Shake Europe goes live on the RNZ website on Monday, 18 February, but here’s a taste.


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