Concert Review: Lily Allen Live In Auckland



Upon arriving at Spark Arena I noticed there was nobody around. It was quite the ghost town outside. I knew it was a small show but this somewhat worried me. When I finally got inside, I noticed it was a bit more full than the outside led me to believe.

First to take the stage was local act, Bene. I just recently saw her at Laneway and I have to say, something felt a bit different about this performance. I don’t know if it’s because it’s a different venue or what but it just felt as though the energy wasn’t really there. Bene vibed along to the music but it all just seemed somewhat plain. I don’t know if the lighting had anything to do with it, but it did not do them any justice. It went quite dark and just seemed to be a bit patchy and jump between other bold colours. Bene was still her adorable self and her vocals were good but it just felt as though something was missing.


The lights went out and that chant broke out over the speakers which the crowd joined in on it. Lily Allen’s 2-piece band took the stage before she took centre stage herself. I loved that she was dressed in Adidas pants, a nique clothing jacket, sparkly silver bandeau, and my favourite part, the Louboutin heels. She looked great and you wouldn’t have known she was feeling a bit run down. She mentioned she had a creaky voice due to the “24hr flight, air conditioning and that shit.” But her vocals were incredible! She had no backing track and her vocals were very loud. I think that’s what made the show, to be honest, was that she had fun lighting, great vocals, and a good stage presence. Sometimes that’s all you need.

Lily Allen was last here in 2010, though she couldn’t even remember with her saying it’s been about 8 years or something. But it was the “first night of her NZ & Australia tour and she was happy to be here”. She mentioned that her and her crew have been making the most of their time here, visiting Matakana, Goat Island and going snorkeling. Though I think my favourite moment was when she essentially trashed the Kardashians, stating she’s unique, before diving into The Fear.

Her crowd interactions were spaced out well. I didn’t really know her new album, No Shame, but I have to say I am definitely a fan now. Lily’s music is quite straight up and sassy yet fun time. She joked that the girls at the front should idolise someone cooler but then told them “just kidding I’m the coolest”.

You really just want to be friends with Lily Allen honestly. She’s awesome and her show was small and simple but honestly, it was incredible.

Come On Then
What You Waiting For?
My One
Knock Em’ Out
Lost My Mind
Party Line
Deep End (Lykke Li cover)
Pushing Up Daisies
Everything To Feel Something
The Fear
Family Man
Who’d Have Known
Not Fair

Trigger Bang
Fuck You

– Reviewed and Photographed by Shelley Te Haara


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